Nokia opens Future X Lab in Finland

Nokia today opened a 5G Future X Lab at its global headquarters in Espoo, Finland, enabling customers to experience Nokia’s full end-to-end portfolio of 5G equipment, software and services.

Nokia's revolutionary 5G virtual testing speeds deployment

Nokia is making 5G deployments faster and more cost-efficient with its patent-pending 5G virtual testing environment.

Cellcom Israel to deploy Nokia's Sensing as a Service

Nokia and Cellcom Israel have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to deploy Sensing as a Service in Israel. The aim is to create a real-time environmental data offering for the first time in Israel using Cellcom Israel's existing radio infrastructure.

Proximus one of the first operators in the world to put Nokia's biggest multi-terabit router into service at the heart of its network for tenfold increase in capacity

Nokia and Proximus today announced that they are on schedule with their "TITAN" (Terabit IP Transport and Aggregation Network) backbone network upgrade with 165 out of 600 buildings connected and 30% of 50,000 optical fibres migrated after only seven months.

The UC3M is coordinating a European project for research and training in 5G mobile networks: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

5G networks will foreseeably transform the way we relate to technology, because they will allow people to connect with their friends and acquaintances, but also with the objects that surround them, such as household appliances or the vehicles they use to get around. In order to achieve this digital interconnection of everyday objects – what’s known as the Internet of Things - 5G networks must be capable of transporting a volume of data which is one thousand times greater than that of current 4G networks, at a much higher speed and with much lower energy consumption so as to minimise the environmental impact. In the very near future, we will be dealing with 5G both in our daily lives and in industrial environments (what is known as Industry 4.0)

A1 chooses Nokia as partner to deploy 5G in Austria

A1 and Nokia today announced they have signed a contract to expand next-generation 5G mobile communications in Austria. The contract reinforces the long-standing partnership between A1 and Nokia which has included the successful expansion of 3G and 4G / LTE mobile networks and the roll-out of Austria's largest fiber-optic network.